Metronix Trading Bot


What is Metronix?

What can I do with it
”Metronix is a powerful Trading Bot which is specialized for trading cryptocurrency. It is integrated on the IMBA Exchange and able to interact with every other API.”
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Where can I use Metronix?

Does it supports multiple Exchanges like Binance and Bittrex?
Metronix is supporting many other exchanges like Binance, Bittrex and many other! All you need is the provided API Key
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What is MEOX?

Do I need this?
Yes, for your personal plan you need the MEOX token. This cryptocurrency follows the TRC10 standard of the Tron Blockchain!
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Are there Limits?

Do I need to take care of anything special?
”Analyze like a human, trade like a Robot. You are the Brain Metronix is your Tool.” ”Copy a strategy from one of our specialist or create your own powerful bot and share it with us.” Limit is you!
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Intuitive GUI

Clean Dashboard